Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 Things They don't Teach You In Design School

Cute article I stumbled upon while at work. Although at least 4 of those I did learn while at school. My teachers couldn't stress BACK UP YOUR WORK enough, seriously. ⌘S is engraved in my brain forever. I do need an external hard drive though, keeping my stuff on DVD is a little nerve wrecking, not gunna lie.
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Here's my #11: double check, triple check, and then check again. No matter how many times you think your client has sent you the correct text, half the time, they don't proof half the shit they write. So remember to check spelling over, and over and over again. Nothing will kill you more than having a finished product in your hands and then realizing you spelt something out worng.

Anyhoot, hope this is useful in one way or another.


  1. I'm with you on #11!
    I finished kerning text and created outlines for a poster I did for a teacher. Once i sent her the finished product, she pointed out every mistake on the text, having failed to proof read it herself.
    backed me up a couple of hours...
    nevertheless, great read!

    btw, which school do you attend?

  2. Burns like a bitch don't it?

    I graduated from Dawson in 2008.