Monday, October 5, 2009

Amala organic Skincare

I have died and gone to beauty product packaging heaven. The simplicity and elegance of the product design along with the photography is.. well, perfect.

"Amala is a new luxury organic skincare line founded in Germany. Liska + Associates, a New York/Chicago communication design firm, helped launch the brand with a focus on Amala’s natural formulas and whole plant ingredients. The brand program included product packaging, logo development and art direction that captures Amala's fundamental values: purity, transparency and responsibility.

Inspired by artisanal food packaging, Liska incorporated cork, copper and uncoated papers to create a distinctive yet simple shelf profile. The tail of the “a” in “Amala” is a pronunciation key and a reference to plant growth, and each of the four plant illustrations identifies the four color-coded product lines."

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