Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chad Hagen

Introducing my latest obsession Chad Hagen.
Hagen is a Minneapolis based artist and designer who's style is retro meets contemporary/minimalism. He uses various printing methods and collage elements. Music to my ears and candy for my eyes! I wasn't able to find a biography, but his website showcases such a beautiful portfolio. This guy is everything I aspire to be as an artist/designer. I also just found out he's got twitter.

Pretty fucking inspiring.


  1. We do indeed have a lot in common! I, too, am 23, female, a Tiger, and a Libra!

    It's must be in the stars, because we both love fashion and graphic design :)

    I love your aesthetic and congratulations on the new domain! I look forward to seeing it unravel ;)

    I am still very new to blogging and have not found my voice or my focus. Any tips? is a HUGE inspiration and online mentor who has helped prepare me mentally for the road ahead as a graphic designer and blogger. I think that is where I found your site was through her blog, maybe on a comment page? Well, love your work and keep it up!


  2. Oh wow Stella! Thank you! Yeah, Nubby is quite site is coming along quite nicely, and can't wait to share my portfolio and "cool finds" with people. I hope you to continue to follow me once I move there, I believe I will no longer be posting on here. That's a couple of months from now though.

    Advice on finding a voice? I'm flattered, I quite honestly think my writing is quite amateur and just speak what's on my mind. Unlike Nubby, who's articles are so well written and thought out. I just post as soon as I find something that intrigues me. I don't think I'm doing too bad, and also keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

    So I suppose the best advice I could possibly give is be yourself, and let that show through your writing.

    I've got a Gaga approach to things where I don't really care what people say, I do what I do and try to think outside the box.

    I'm really glad you enjoy my posts. Feel free to comment on anything, whether it be good or bad, I love knowing how people see/think of things differently.