Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remedy | Mu3alaja

Sierra Korthof designed these lovely packaging for her final semester school project. "For this project we were directed to create a series of five box forms for either a product that already exists or one we created. I chose to create a line of Arab inspired hot chocolates. The idea behind the product is that the hot chocolate is infused with traditional plant remedies from the Arab world. I chose to create this product because I am very interested in Arab culture and language. I am currently in my first semester of Arabic, and I thought this would be great opportunity to attempt to design a product that would appeal to two both Western and Arab culture. The identity is a combination of Arabic and English. The packaging, directions, explanations, and ingredients are also listed in both languages."

How heart warming. I love what she's done and I love it when people take interest in arab culture. I also really admire her ability to play with arabic typography when she's just now learning the language. I wish I could do arabic packaging, maybe one day!

*text and images provided by thedieline.

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